Danse Macabre

Today – I added another head to a shark, a double-headed shark – an anomaly created by me, it’s double tail was not that noticeable. I liked the powerful feeling of being a crazed, perverted god, mutating my creatures.

I worked on what seems to be becoming a “danse macabre”, two squashed frogs in a seemingly strange dance. Flattened form in an agonising ecstasy. On wikipedia, I liked the words of a poem from an anonymous “Totentanz” book Ob arm, ob reich, im Tode gleich (Whether rich or poor, [all are] equal in death. German can be quite humorous, onomatopoeic and poetic when it wants to be. The image is not complete, it takes a few days before the theme, subject matter and form emerges more clearly. I reach a point where i can go no further and it is only clear to me the following day what I should do next. I have learned not to fiddle in confusion, it only wastes time.

Had a lovely, spontaneous free laugh today. Judith, who grew up in Malawi and lives on the farm, called out a cheery greeting to me from afar. I was happy to see her and went over for a brief chat. Just then 4 frolicking donkeys entered our chatting over the fence space. The one light coloured donkey that i had thought female was mounting another donkey. It clearly was not female and its enormous curved black penis was very visible. We both simultaneously burst out laughing, genuine raucous, love of life, belly laugher, ending with a double high five, initiated by Judith. And still with big smiles on our faces, Judith articulated such a beautiful explanation of the bawdy scene, “Donkeys don’t hide their love, do they?” and we laughed some more.

What a life and death day…


Danse Macabre